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Smart Meter Program

Ready to get even smarter about your water use?

San Jose Water (SJW) is installing a smart water metering system throughout our service area over the next few years. Smart water metering is also referred to as Advanced Metering Infrastructure or AMI. According to the American Water Works Association, “…smart meters are part of an integrated system of meters and information systems that enable communication between meters and utilities.”

Smart Meter Benefits

  • Remote, real time access to water usage at your convenience
  • Ability to monitor water usage and manage bill size before your bill arrives 
  • Set alarms to indicate usage spikes and/or possible leaks
  • Early stage leak detection for quicker repairs
Smart Meter Benefits graphics

Additional Smart Meter Program information is coming soon, along with a comprehensive list of FAQs!

We’re excited about installing a smart water metering system — and providing valuable water use data around the clock. These tools will help minimize water loss through leaks, improve water management, and help all of us be as efficient as possible with this precious resource.

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Water Meter Lid Inspection

As part of the smart meter program, we are conducting a water meter lid inspection. Our project partner, Concord Utility Services, is in our service area gathering information about the lids and the condition of the meter boxes. They are driving Concord-labeled vehicles and have Concord uniforms and ID badges. All meter boxes in this survey are located outside. The meter inspection team will not need to come into your home or business and will not be disturbing any driveways or sidewalks. They may need to clear away some grass or shrubbery to access the water meter to gather the necessary information. Your water service will not be interrupted. If you have any questions, please reach out to SJW’s Customer Service Team at (408) 279-7900.